Frequently Asked Questions

What is Encaustic?

Encaustic is a mixture of beeswax, damar resin and raw pigment.  It is an ancient technique and we still have paintings today from a long time ago to prove its durability. There is a joy in using encaustic that I never experienced with other mediums.  I delight in the combination of heat, intensity of color and process.  Bees find their way into my studio and often land on the paintings.  The color in encaustic will never fade and paintings can be placed on walls that receive indirect sun.  I paint on cradled wood panels unless otherwise stated and sign my work on the back.  Each piece is wired and ready to hang. 

For more information on the development and history of encaustic painting search for Fayum Portrait and Encaustic Painting.  From Wikipedia, "...Two groups of portraits can be distinguished by technique: one of encaustic (wax) paintings, the other in tempera. The former are usually of higher quality...."






Will it melt?

No.  The painting temperature of the melted wax ranges from 150 to 200 degrees.  Your house would have to be on fire for it to melt!  Caution is needed when transporting.  A wrapped painting, parked in the sun with no ventilation could soften the wax.  Better to park in the shade, leave windows slightly open and make it quick!

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Unfortunately, at this time I ship only within the United States.

How do you ship?

I ship USPS or Federal Express on Monday or Tuesday so your painting arrives safely and quickly by the end of the week.  Instant joy!  I take great care in preparing your painting to arrive in excellent condition.  Each painting gets bubble wrapped and placed in a box which is then placed in another sturdy cardboard box.  Once I receive payment I prepare your painting for shipping.

To ship larger paintings I use a professional art shipper.  This may require an extra week for delivery.  Please wait 2 - 4 weeks to receive painting.  Contact me if you need it faster. or have any questions. 

If you'd like to pick up your painting from the studio let me know and I'll give you the code to remove shipping expenses.

Can I return a purchase?

My hope is for you to be thrilled with your painting and that it inspires you to live a Brightlife!  Every sale is individually handled with the utmost care and honesty.  To keep the paintings in the best condition possible for you I limit the amount of handling and shipping .  Because of this, all sales are final.  I do my best to present the most accurate photo of the painting as I can.  Take into consideration that all monitors vary in color accuracy.  Please read the descriptions carefully and check colors out on multiple screens if you have any concerns.

What if my piece arrives damaged?

I've never had a painting damaged in shipping.  Yet, if it occurs please contact within 24 hours of receiving the package to report damage from shipping.  Refunds and returns will be handled at that time.

Do you have a portfolio website?

Yes!  I maintain a complete portfolio website for my gallerists, designers and collectors.  There you can see more of my work and stay up to date with where you can find me and my Art. If you see something you like on that site, contact me regarding availability and price.

While there, sign up for my monthly newsletter and weekly blog to receive up to date news, special Collector events and launches!

Where can I see your work in person?

For current shows Click here to go to the Exhibition Page on my portfolio website.

I also love studio visits!  Make an appointment to see my work and find your special piece in person.  E-mail: to schedule a visit.  

Is your studio open to the public?

Absolutely!  Every June the studio is open as part of the East Bay Open Studios.  Sign up for my newsletter to receive news about this fantastic event. 

Studio visits are also available by appointment.  Give me a call, the paintings are even better in person!  (510) 759 8724

What is your connection to Brazil?

Color.  Joy.  Dance.  Heat. It all comes into play as I visit Salvador, Bahia 2-3 times a year.  I fell in love with the country years ago when I went to Rio to study tango.  Knowing tango was not the dance of Brazil, I learned a few samba steps and words of Portuguese.   Game changer.