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Brighten Up with Pops of Color: The Chakritudes

The Chakritudes are Here!

I returned to the deep, pure color of the Chakras for this collection.  I needed a break from scale and contrasting color and wanted something more intimate, hold in your hand.  I had a small 7" x 5" panel in the studio and started to play with this size.  I loved it and knew that this was the size that could live any and everywhere. 

So, I pulled out my color swatches and started to sort and select my favorites hues.  I think you're going to enjoy what I've come up with.  These pieces are for you to put where you need color most in your life.  Perhaps a green heart Chakritude on your bedside table, to send you to sleep with love.  Or perhaps a Violet Chakritude is needed in your meditation area to lift the energy high up your body.  These are fun, bold and clever little pieces. 

I also have an assortment of other small to large paintings that are guaranteed to brighten your life.  I've sourced excellent professional art shipping boxes for the larger paintings so now I can ship safely anywhere in the United States. 

Looking for the statement piece?  Check out Lover's Lane.  Or perhaps you need something long and narrow.  Take a peek at Raw Meditation.

Consider the small paintings to scatter around or create your own DIY salon wall.  You are limited only by your imagination.

I am here to answer any of your questions.  Feel free to reach out and we'll find your painting together.  Thanks so much for being here.